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4 Days Away

This trip was also the first time I’ve gone anywhere overnight sans kiddos since Dalton was born. To say it felt strange would certainly be an understatement. Instead of lugging what always feels like my entire house with me, I traveled with one backpack. I breezed through security (with no extra screenings), strolled right onto the plane, and more or less relaxed for my flights. Most of the time, it seemed like I was forgetting something.

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8 Winter Activities for Toddlers

It’s December and, if you’re from a region that gets all four seasons, that means you can expect some things very soon (if you haven’t already gotten them, that is): cold and SNOW. This time of year can be really tricky if you’re a caregiver of very young children because, let’s face it, there are just fewer things to do with them during the winter.

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How To Help A Struggling Mom

The other day, an article from a popular motherhood blog came across my Facebook feed after a friend of mine commented on it. It was one of those “open letters” that are really just thinly veiled excuses to rant. They’re everywhere: questionably authentic encounters used to spout off and incite controversy for pageviews. Normally, I would have rolled my eyes at the obvious clickbait and kept on scrolling. This time, however, I got sucked in.

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