What My Dishwasher Taught Me

Hello friends! Tonight I was able to put the kids to bed and sit right down in my oversized armchair. Usually, I spend an hour or more every night after they go to sleep cleaning up the kitchen and washing the dishes. But right now, I’m just listening to the rain pour down outside my open window. Why, you ask?


Well, the other day, we finally got a dishwasher! Through much of the year and a half we’ve been in this house, I’ve lamented our lack of one. And I was not usually quiet about it either. Like the people of Israel did while they were being led through the desert, I grumbled. It felt like all the hours I spent scrubbing dishes by hand were being wasted.

But were they really? When you spend as much time on one chore as I had to on the dishes, it’s impossible to keep up with everything else. Each time I stood at the sink and grabbed the sponge, I was confronted by my own inability to keep the house clean. It seemed that, just as I would start feeling on top of things, the sink would be full again. I was forced to realize that there was no way I could handle it on my own.


God used the season of no dishwasher to show me my own fallibility, and to remind me to hope in Him alone. The joy that comes from earthly things like easily cleaned dishes is fleeting, but the joy of Christ is eternal. I pray that I will remember this in every season of life, whether I’m quietly sipping coffee while the kids nap or drowning in responsibilities.

Now, every plate and fork I place in the dishwasher reminds me of the immense privilege I have to be able to do so. The fact that I can even consider having such an appliance in my home is incredible, and it could easily be taken away. Material things and my own shifting abilities are not what it’s all about. If that is where my treasure truly lies, then I am poor indeed.


My hope is that we will all continually be reminded of this beautiful truth. As one of my favorite hymns goes, “On Christ the solid rock I stand; all other ground is sinking sand.”

Thanks for being here, friends.

Alissa Griffin