Hello, friends! It seems like I begin every post with an apology for the length of time I’ve been absent, and I hate doing it. I could launch into a long-winded explanation but, if you’re a human and you’re reading this (I mean, if you’re not a human, and you’re reading this, then definitely let me know, because I’m very interested in meeting you), then you already know what it is to get bogged down with life. I don’t have to yak for five paragraphs and a thesis statement because, whatever your life looks like right now, you already know. Wait, did I just apologize again? 


It seems like I do that a lot. Whether or not something is actually my fault, if I think it upset someone else, I will try to apologize for it. Even if it’s to, you know, the kitchen door that I just walked into or the cat that I just tripped over. But, since I’ve already wasted too much time in this space apologizing for not being here more often, I’ve decided to do something about it. And I think you’re going to like it. 


I’m doing…wait for it…BLOGMAS! Now, if you’re wondering what that is, let me fill you in. It’s common practice on YouTube to do what’s known as “Vlogmas”, wherein the content creator records and posts a “vlog” (aka a fun curation of their day’s activities) every day of December leading up till Christmas. I used to watch a lot of YouTube, and I always got a huge kick out of my favorite ones. Since I’m obviously not on YouTube, I thought it would be fun to bring that tradition here. 


The biggest reason I want to do this is to challenge myself. As much as I love writing, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of putting it on the back burner. But it really feeds my soul, as any good creative outlet does, so I’m going to try my best to keep up with this challenge. I want to throw in a good mix of content too. Maybe some lifestyle, travel, motherhood stuff, and maybe even some recipes (don’t get too excited about that one, though, I’m definitely not a 5-star chef). I can’t promise that I’ll be able to post something every single day until Christmas, but I hope I can. And I really hope you’ll join me and follow along!