Girls' Day in Jackson

Hello! You might’ve noticed that I’ve been absent on this space lately. Let me tell you, it’s been a difficult, wild few weeks. We’ve been traveling, celebrating, visiting, dealing with personal life issues, and battling a plethora of low-key illnesses. Tis the season, amiright? But it’s about time I got back at it around here.


Recently, I had the opportunity to meet up with a dear friend for a girls’ day. She and I have known each other since our days of late-night study sessions and coffee-fueled theological discussions in college. She stood up in my wedding, and I flew back home for hers, but it’d been a while since we’d seen each other in person. In fact, it’s been a while since I’ve spent time with any of my old friends in person. Adulting does that to you, I guess, and so does moving away from your hometown. 


We met in Jackson, MI, which is about halfway between our corners of the mitten state. Driving there, I got such a lovely view of the autumn colors in full bloom. That’s a rare treat when you live in the metro Detroit area and you see more concrete than trees. It reminded me of driving country roads out to my grandparents’ farm when I was little. 



I’d never been to Jackson before, but I was happy to find a cozy town that, again, felt quite familiar. We started off with a cup of coffee at Jackson Coffee Co, which is a great little place on the downtown thoroughfare. It’s situated in an old storefront, and the retro vibe is accentuated by their collection of antiques. They even have an old cash register on display, which I got a huge kick out of. I had their pumpkin coffee, and it was delicious. 


Just down from the coffee shop was the coolest looking tattoo parlor, called Ye Old Skull Tattoo. If it hadn’t been closed that day, we absolutely would’ve stopped in. We ended up just driving around and doing a bit of shopping before looping back to the downtown area for dinner. Before that, though, we found this sweet mural and couldn’t resist the temptation for a photo or two (or ten, all told). 



We hit up the Grand River Brewery for a bite afterward, and it did not disappoint. I’m not usually big on breweries, as I don’t drink beer, but this place was stellar. Both of us had the coconut green curry—spicy, but delicious—and blueberry hard cider. She also sampled one of their brews while I sipped some wine, and we finished off the evening with a scoop at a local ice cream joint.


There’s something about spending some time with a good friend that’s just balm for the soul. Especially when I couldn’t really remember the last time I’d had such a visit without the kids for more than a few hours. When’s the last time you visited with a friend sans kids/spouse/dog/house plants/etc? If you’re like me, and you tend to let the items clamoring for priority treatment on your to-do list take precedence, I’d encourage you to make those plans you’ve been putting off. Your mental health will thank you (and scrubbing the shower can wait another day). 


Happy Monday, friends!